February Scholarship Deadlines

Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association Memorial Scholarship

-Applicant or Parent/Gaurdian must be a member of a Montana Electric Cooperative and your local electric cooperative Must be a member of Montana Electric Cooperative's Association. Due Date: February 15, 2019 Scholarship Application

Marvin Robinson/Goldenwest $1,000 Scholarship

-The applicant or parent/gaurdian must be a member of Goldenwest Electric Cooperative. -Applicant must be eithera graduating high school sneior or entering his/her freshman year in college or vocational technical training institution or a student entering another year of undergraduate schooling. Students seeking a master degree are not eligible. Speical consieration will be given to those applicants that will attend some type of trade school. Deadline: February 15, 2019 Scholarhsip Application

Montana Woman Foundation

-Applicant must be a female Montana resident for the past three years. -Education to be funded by the scholarhsip must be obtrained in the State of Montana. Deadline: February 1st. Scholarship Application

Montna Destination Imagination

*-Aplicant must have participated ona Destination Imagination team for a minimum of two years. -The applicant must be a senior in a Montana high school or have graduated from a Montana high school and planning on or currently attending a two or four-year college or trade school in or out of state. -Post High School applicants should be actively continuing his or her involvemnt in Destination Imagination in some capacity - either as a team member or as a volunteer. Deadline: February 15th Scholarhsip Application

Wibaux Civic Club

-Applicant must be a senior at WCHS and will graduate in the spring of 2019. Deadline: February 15h. Scholarhsip Application